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My book provides important details concerning plumbers and plumbing products.

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Chapter 1: Avoid Overwhelming Confusion

Why People Get Confused

Media Problems: “Garbage in, Garbage Out”

Do Not Learn Just Enough to Get in Trouble

You might understand why I Wrote This Book if You Ever:

You Might Understand Why I wrote this book if you ever wandered why:

Media Production: Two Types of Expert

Chapter 2: Learn from Others’ Mistakes

What is more important? What you get or what you think you are getting?

Focus on Details

The purpose of this book is to save you time, money, and aggravation as you solve plumbing problems and try to avoid future problems

Chapter 3: Secrets Concerning Different Business Models

Understanding Different Business Models

Imaginary Bargain Prices

Imaginary Protections from Low Quality Services and Mistakes

Promises and Guarantees have Equal Value; Only When Plumbers are equally…

Should you expect the best plumbers to be the most convenient?

Quality Plumbing Services at Reasonable Prices-Avoid Unnecessary Expenses:

Try to Schedule Work During Normal Business Hours

Chapter 4: The Best Way to Search for the Best Plumber

Communication and Searching for the Best Plumber

If Things Seem to Have Gone Wrong

Chapter 5: The Best Way to Search for the Best Plumbing Products

Complicated details make it difficult to select the best plumbing products


Durability and reliability seem to fall in the same category-but-they are different


Availability of parts

In Summary

Trustworthy Plumbers Can Help You Search for Trustworthy Products

Some of the Advice I Provide My Customers Concerning Faucets

Chapter 6: Questions and Answers that Explain, Clarify, and I Hope Convince

Chapter 7: Small Jobs: Competition and the Real World

Shop Cost Effectively

How much does it cost to replace a toilet?

Why Trustworthy Plumbers Don’t Like to Bid on Small Jobs

The Three Most Important Steps Required to get the best plumbing work at the best price

Chapter 8: Uneven Playing Fields

Uneven Playing Fields Create Big Problems for Consumers and Professionals

The House Painter

Chapter 9: Entertainment versus Research

Is It Entertainment or Worthwhile Research?

A Newfound Respect for Honest, Specialized Plumbers

Why Is It Not Possible to Make a Dishonest Plumber Honest?

Chapter 10: A Shortage of Specialized Plumbers and What You Can Do

The Secret: There is a Shortage of Specialized Plumbers

My Advice

Chapter 11: What You Need to Learn

Learn Important Details:

Searching for Leaks

The Dry Finger Test Can Help You Before and After You Call a Plumber

How to Do the Dry Finger Test

Testing a Bathroom Sink for Leaks to the Floor

Testing a Toilet for Leaks to the Floor

Testing a Bathtub for Leaks Below

Chapter 12: Toilet Problems

Improperly Flushing Toilet (AKA Poorly Flushing Toilet)

Properly Installed Toilet

Details Are Important

Be Careful with Your Toilet

Help Avoid Toilet Stoppages:

Are Flushable Wipes Safe to Flush?

Dangers from Chemicals and Gadgets:

Chapter 13: Pull out Spout Kitchen Faucet Problems

Some of the most frequent problems I noticed from the new style pull- out- spout kitchen faucets:

Chapter 14: Clogged Heat Trap Problems on Water Heaters

Chapter 15: Not Enough Hot Water

“Why doesn’t my water heater make enough hot water during cold weather?”

Often I find that people waste lots of hot water

“What is your opinion regarding the new instantaneous water heaters?”

An explanation of why I think people have problems adjusting to this highly efficient plumbing product

Chapter 16: Avoid Water Damage and Avoid Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims: Avoiding Water Damage and Avoiding Reoccurring Damage

Chapter 17: Virginians Need to Know

What I think is a big secret in Virginia and what I think about it

Chapter 18: Cost-Effective Improvements That Should Help You Avoid Problems

Improvements that will reduce Plumbing problems

Chapter 19: Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole Leaks in Copper Water Pipe

Chapter 20: Sample details concerning estimating a job that is too small to estimate

An Estimate to Replace a Wax seal on a Toilet

Chapter 21: Owner’s Manual for the Home

Sample Owner’s Manual for Home Plumbing

Start an Owner’s Manual for Home Plumbing

Chapter 22: Do It Right or Don’t Do It

When should you replace the whole Bathroom, Kitchen- or build an addition?

Basic and Simple Yet Complicated

How important is the General Contractor?

What makes a General Contractor Trustworthy?

Learn the Job Before You Assume That You Can Do It

What Makes a Bathroom, Kitchen, or Addition Trustworthy?

Be a Trustworthy Part of the Team

Closing Thoughts