Another Vormax Toilet Update

American Standard seems to be pushing their luck. I hope consumers don’t make the same mistake. Now, I think the newest version Vormax toilet is far too risky.

If you see a Vormax toilet with a battery powered top, run away from it. These toilets add chemicals that can irritate humans and toilet parts. Rubber and plastic parts often fail prematurely when chemicals are introduced. Even if American Standard found a way to keep the cleaning chemical off plastic and rubber, I would not trust the battery operated top.

The ten year warranty that comes with this toilet only seems to cover parts. Labor, possible property damage and other factors should always be considered. Sometimes, consumers find it extremely difficult to find plumbers that know how to fix newly introduced plumbing products. Also, frequently, parts are needed before the parts are available or stocked.

No company is perfect. I still recommend American Standard Champion and Cadet toilets. As long as you read my articles concerning Vormax and you avoid the battery operated top, you still might consider the first generation Vormax.

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