Why I wrote this book

Why I Wrote This Book  (Note: more details concerning this subject are available in the book OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com)

Mike Quick uses his forty years of experience to help you avoid costly mistakes

  • Most estimates, set prices, and firm prices are subject to change.
  • Some plumbers seem to take the approach that the customer is always right and some don’t.
  • Some plumbers provide an almost endless supply of guarantees and some don’t.
  • It is difficult to find a good plumber.
  • It is difficult to find trustworthy advice.
  • It is difficult to find quality plumbing products.
  • Plumbing parts are often difficult to find.
  • Some plumbers don’t have needed parts.
  • Plumbing doesn’t seem to hold up as well as it use to.

I wrote this unique book to help people focus on important details. It is important that you learn to identify trustworthy plumbers and that you learn to appreciate their honesty. My book talks about the “uneven playing field” and the mistakes consumers make when they fail to focus properly as they search for plumbing advice, plumbing products and plumbers.

About the Author

Mike started his plumbing apprenticeship in 1969. He has over forty years experience solving plumbing problems in homes. Mike helps people avoid mistakes. He is the founder and president of Quick Quality Plumbing Inc.. Mike published a book (OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com) and he is the administrator for the web site (OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com.)