What are E-Books? What are Kindle Books?

What are e-books ?             What are Kindle Books?

What does this have to do with plumbing?

An electronic book is usually referred to as an ebook (e-book, e book or Ebook). A Kindle book is an e-book that can be downloaded from Amazon.com. Later I will explain how e-books provide the opportunity for you to avoid plumbing problems and improve the sanitation in your home. But, first I would like  to clarify a few things.

It seems that spelling experts are still debating on the proper way to spell e-book. You can Google search e-book, ebook or Ebook, and keep up to date on the debate. Word 2007 seems to prefer e-book, some universities and others don’t.

It seems that most people spell electronic mail e-mail not email, e mail or Email. Webster’s New World College Dictionary (fourth edition), Microsoft Word and others seem to have followed that pattern. They abbreviate electronic book using e-book. I don’t care how you spell e-book. I don’t even care if you spell plumbing, plumming or pluming-or if you spell plumber, plummer or plumer.

It is important that you learn to find the best e-books and the best plumbers. There is no better way to find honest, trustworthy, timely advice. Go to Amazon and research the author, search the table of contents and see if the book contains advice or information you need. You can download valuable books in less than five minutes.

Trustworthy specialized expert authors carefully select each word, they carefully review each word and do their best to look out for your best interest. If you could talk directly with these experts, you would have to make notes while they tried to provide the most important information and advice.

Most people don’t seem to know that they can download a book from Amazon even if they don’t have a Kindle (a portable device that allows you to download, store and read books anywhere). Amazon will let you download a reader (e-book reader software) for your computer, iPod or IPhone instantly for free. You can download the reader and start downloading e-books, storing e-books and reading e-books on your computer or other device in less than five minutes. Free e-books are available and the e-book download is free.  I think Amazon provides the most user friendly system to download a book.

Experiment with e-book readers and ebook downloads. You can try it for free if you download a free e-book. Don’t waste too much time reading free e-books. If you waste too much time reading low quality information you might not find time to read the valuable stuff.

It is always best to look inside a book before you download it or buy the paper version. Amazon provides an easy way to look inside the book or sample the book before you commit to buying the book. More importantly, Amazon makes it easy for you to check the qualifications of so called “experts” before you waste time reading their book.  In my book OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com, I warn people that they must check the qualifications of “plumbing experts” before they place any value on the expert’s advice.

Amazon and e-books are a perfect combination. Now you can easily check the qualifications of the expert and instantly gather important trustworthy plumbing advice and other important expert advice.

If you want to test this, state of the art, low to no cost way of finding trustworthy plumbing advice go to Amazon.com (click the link below). You can look inside Mike’s book for free. You can download the whole book for $8.95 or buy the paper back version for $18.95.

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