The Bottom Line is Personal

The bottom line is personal when you rely on expert opinions to help you make smart decisions. The bottom line is equally important whether you search for trustworthy expert

Mike Quick uses his forty years of experience to help you avoid costly mistakes

opinions for personal decisions or business decisions. If you want to focus on smart research, the bottom line is; focus on the expert that provides advice.

The bottom line is personal in more ways than one. Not only do you have to determine the trustworthiness of the person providing advice-but-you also have to see how the advice relates to your personal situation. When I provide plumbing advice for someone selling a house, I provide two different versions of my options; the best way to provide the best chance of the best long term results and the option that fixes the problem but does not include extra expenses that might help avoid future problems. [Example: An inspection reveals a leak under the kitchen sink, I could just fix the leak or, I could replace all connections that look like they were poorly installed.] I normally prefer to focus on providing the best, most cost effective repair. The most cost effective repair for the person selling a home might be different than the most cost effective repair for a person that plans on living in the home for a long period of time. Plumbing decisions, financial decisions and sometimes even medical decisions must focus on personal short or long term expectations.


I started reading information from the world’s best experts many years ago. To save time and avoid confusion, I always read about the expert’s qualifications and experience before I invest my time. “Bottomline Personal” is my favorite source of trustworthy advice and information. The Bottomline magazine and many others help me make my best decisions. “Bottomline Personal” makes it is easy to focus on the “expert” that provides advice.
My first book mentions that the most frequently occurring mistake that causes the most serious plumbing problems is bad research. People trust almost anyone for expert advice. The bottom line is personal. You and your family can save lots of money and avoid unsanitary living conditions if you make smart decisions. Smart decisions require smart research.

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Mike started his plumbing apprenticeship in 1969. He has over forty years experience solving plumbing problems in homes. Mike helps people avoid mistakes. He is the founder and president of Quick Quality Plumbing Inc.. Mike published a book ( and he is the administrator for the web site (