Smart Ways to Protect Your Home From Water

Water Damage Can Be Avoided: Focus on Details by Mike Quick

Protecting living space from water requires focusing on details. A properly selected, installed and maintained roof is a number one priority. Properly selected, installed and maintained plumbing is probably a number two priority. The smartest thing you can do is focus on details concerning your roof and your plumbing.

Materials, how many nails in each shingle, flashing, ventilation and other details make the difference between a safe and not safe roof. Premature failure and small leaks can cause big problems.

Mold, property damage and having to replace the whole roof can result from not focusing on details concerning the people you trust to install and maintain your roof.

Incorrectly selected or installed nails can result in shingles blowing off. Incorrectly selected or installed flashing will leak, sooner or later. Poor ventilation will cause overheating and other problems that will cause premature roof failure and leaks.

Sometimes, roofers and consumers don’t know the difference between three nail roof shingles and six nail shingles. When shingles start blowing off, it is too late. Water damages homes and usually, an improperly installed roof has to be completely replaced. If a few shingles start blowing off, usually all the shingles were nailed improperly.

Leaky flashing is often a sign of things to come. If one area starts leaking, usually, that is a warning and soon, major flashing replacements will be necessary and expensive.

Freeze and thaw cycles will usually make the tiniest leaks bigger. Melting snow and other things can create the need for emergency roof repairs at the same time roofers are overloaded with customers. Sometimes what are thought to be plumbing leaks are actually roof leaks.

Focus on details concerning the roofers and plumbers you trust to protect your home. My book will help.

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