Plumbing and Plumbers in 2017

Plumbing and Plumbers in 2017

Plumbers are often finding it impossible to keep parts for newly introduced faucets. Plumbing innovation seems to be evolving too fast.

Replacing bath tub and shower faucets can be much more expensive than you might think. Often, keeping the paperwork that comes with a new faucet is extremely important. Usually, faucet replacement can be avoided, if the faucet maker, model number and date of manufacturing can be identified.

Sink faucet replacement (because the model number, maker and date of manufacturing are not available) is usually much less costly than bathtub or shower faucets.

In 2017, it seems, plumbing paperwork is more important than ever. Faucets, toilets and other plumbing fixtures often come with warrantees. Even more important than warrantees, is the ability to get parts before you risk that a plumber will not have the special parts needed for a plumbing fixture.

Innovation always comes with risk. In 2017 and other most recent years, there seems to be more poorly designed, poorly manufactured and extremely expensive parts than ever. Sometimes, new plumbing fixtures fail prematurely and replacement parts are not yet available. Sometimes, plumbers deliberately fail to stock expensive parts that are prone to premature failure.

Even when a plumber installs a replacement part provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), most consumers expect the plumber to guarantee the part. Some special parts cost so much that consumers are only charged the amount the plumber paid for the part. Most plumbers don’t want to be blamed for poorly designed or poorly manufactured parts.

In 2017, research and planning can save lots of money. Keep paperwork, send photos to manufactures and do whatever it takes to find information and parts for plumbing fixtures before you call a trustworthy plumber.

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