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Media producer advice is not intended to offend anyone. Mike Quick’s book provides media producer advice aimed at improving content.

Mike Quick uses his forty years of experience to help you avoid costly mistakes

Media Problems: “Garbage in, Garbage Out”

I monitor as much plumbing advice for home owners as I can. I review plumbing books, television shows, radio shows, and other media. I often see major defects in perfectly produced television shows and other media. If I rarely or infrequently noticed major defects, I wouldn’t be concerned. The fact that I often see defects is disturbing. It seems that defective plumbing advice often gets recycled. Producers seem to find better ways to present the same bad information.
Sometimes, obsolete, over simplified, misleading, inaccurate advice produced in one form of media gets reproduced. I call that “garbage in, garbage out.” Usually it is impossible to determine who the original “expert” was. As people see the same “expert” advice reproduced, they place even more confidence in the bad advice. This recycled bad advice is one of the biggest defects I see in the media.

Media producers that list the source of “expert” advice can help people determine the value of the advice. Often producers consult the wrong “experts” or fail to consult a specialized expert. I hope this website and my book will convince media producers to look more carefully at “experts.” If producers chose to reproduce information, they should identify the original “expert.” By focusing more carefully on “experts,” media producers can avoid the problem of garbage in, garbage out.

People need quality plumbing advice, and media producers can help. Producers can focus on top-quality sources of plumbing advice and produce truly top-quality media products.

It is amazing how much power perfectly produced media has.

Do Not Learn Just Enough to Get in Trouble

People seem to think plumbing is so simple that it doesn’t matter which plumber they hire. Some people even try to do it themselves. Eventually they learn that this is a big mistake. A small plumbing problem can easily become a major problem if not handled properly. Before people make important plumbing decisions, they need to make sure their decisions are based on reliable information, and they need enough information to avoid unnecessary risk.
As people learn to understand that quality content is more important than quality production, I think that honest, specialized experts will receive the respect and appreciation they deserve. Specialized experts should control the quality and amount of the content. Specialized experts can improve the quality of media production by making sure the production contains necessary, important details. As media production becomes more focused on quality content, people will make better plumbing decisions and enjoy the benefits of their quality research.

A Checklist to Help You Determine the Value of Media Productions

Using the following checklist should help you focus properly on media productions.
•    Try to determine the qualifications of the expert providing technical advice
•    Try to determine if the focus is on entertainment or honest advice
•    Is there any focus on possible complications
•    Are there enough details

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