Attention: Washington Consumers’ Checkbook Members

Washington Consumers’ Checkbook Members and Quick Quality Plumbing Inc. Customers

After you read this I hope you will read “Mike Quick, the Master Plumber”. If you find that I don’t work in your area, this website and my first book (in bookstores and in many libraries) will help you find a trustworthy plumber.

I specialize in and only service, Springfield, Burke, Hayfield, Clear View Heights and Leeland Station.

I specialize in small plumbing jobs and because complications may or may not pop up at any time, I do not try to provide a set price for the work I do. Often, talking can take more time than the actual remedy requires-and-I don’t know if complications will appear until after the work is completed and tested.

I don’t play coupon games and other sales gimmicks.  I do all the work personally; my customers don’t have to worry about an excellent sales pitch that might provide a high price for low quality work.

I charge no travel time and I do not charge any arrival fees or try any other tricks.

My minimum charge is $79.00 and that includes the first fifteen minutes. After the first fifteen minutes, I charge $25.00 for each additional fifteen minutes. I work and charge based on what is known as “Time and Material”.

I try to talk as I diagnose and work. I try to provide options and details when I can. When practical, I try to tell customers what to watch out for and how to avoid future problems.

I try to provide my services at the lowest price consistent with the highest quality.

Trustworthy information and advice can save lots of money and inconvenience. Smart research will empower you. You can learn to ask the best questions and gather the best answers if you do trustworthy research. This website and my books will help you make smart decisions.

If I don’t work in your area, my book and this website will be your best source of information as you search for an experienced, qualified plumber with a reputation for honesty.