You and I need Amazon, and it needs us

As I prepare to help you find tools, parts and other things, I see that most people could benefit from Amazon Prime.

I have used “Prime” for years. I use it mostly for the free shipping. Sometimes I use “Prime” to borrow books for free. There are other very good features and reasons¬† to join Amazon Prime but I seem to save enough money on shipping to justify the membership fee.

I buy lots of tools, parts and books from Amazon. Often they seem to offer the lowest price even if shipping is an added cost.

I have an affiliate account with Amazon. If you use my links and buy from ¬†Amazon, they will pay me a small fee. I don’t think using my links has any effect on the price you pay at Amazon.

Using these links, you and I will benefit. Links can work like foot notes. Details, photos and other clarification is offered to those that click links. I expect people to compare prices and take notes before they purchase anything.

My reputation for honesty should help readers trust my advice. Unlike many others, my intentions are to provide my honest opinions based on my more than forty three years of plumbing experience. If you purchase using my links, I will probably earn a small fee.I will always provide my honest opinions. Please rest assured that I will not allow small fees to affect my opinions.