Mike Quick the master plumber

About the master plumber/plumbing expert and author of OnlinePlumbingAdvice.com
Hello, I am Mike Quick. I had good grades in college, but decided to be a plumber. I left
college to begin my apprenticeship.

My forty two years of plumbing experience can help you avoid costly mistakes.

I started my plumbing apprenticeship in December of 1969. I was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1970 and discharged in 1972. Immediately following my honorable discharge, I continued my plumbing apprenticeship. I became a licensed journeymen plumber in 1977 and became a licensed master plumber and master gas fitter in 1980.

I started Quick Quality Plumbing and Heating (later to be known as Quick Quality Plumbing Inc.) in 1981.

A major nonprofit consumer-monitoring magazine in the Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia area has provided very favorable ratings for Quick Quality Plumbing Inc. Since I began my business, my customers have consistently provided top satisfaction ratings for my work and their customer experience. I think my reputation should help you feel that I can be trusted, and my over forty years of experience makes me a trustworthy plumbing adviser.

Because of my experience, I can offer superior advice that can help you avoid plumbing mistakes. I have worked in commercial, industrial, medical, and other types of plumbing work, but my specialty has always been solving plumbing problems in the home. It is difficult to find a plumber with over forty years of experience solving plumbing problems in homes. This makes me uniquely qualified to help you save money, avoid confusion, and make better plumbing decisions. I take pride in my work and have always tried to do my best for every customer. As I wrote this book, I focused on providing the most important advice that will help you avoid plumbing mistakes.

As you focus on the details of my qualifications, I think you will see that I can help you focus on important details concerning plumbers, plumbing advice, and plumbing products. One of the most important factors to consider as you focus on my qualifications is my reputation for honesty. My plumbing business has always focused on being honest with my customers. I think my over forty years of experience and my consistently high customer satisfaction ratings provide evidence that I have always been honest with my customers. I am worthy of your trust. You can research claims I make. I want you to consider me as one of your trustworthy plumbing advisers.

The key to finding trustworthy plumbing products is gathering recommendations from trustworthy plumbers and trustworthy plumbing advisers. Plumbers that specialize in plumbing inside the home are usually your best source for advice concerning plumbing products in the home (plumbers that fix problems in the home are usually aware of what products have the most problems).

I often see defects in plumbing products, poorly designed plumbing products, and poorly installed products. I have noticed many major plumbing problems that could have been avoided if home owners, property managers, designers, and other professionals based decisions on trustworthy advice. It’s my hope that my knowledge and experience can help you gather trustworthy advice. By focusing on the most frequently occurring mistakes, I can help you avoid major plumbing problems.